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Great game

Really great game just not updated enough


This is my new favorite game. So much to do i mean race tracks bowls and even loops. Although I love this game the way it is can you please add a multiplayer mode where you could create a lobby and people can join and you could do stunts together and stuff and can you also add like a race game mode and more stunt arenas and some more cars ( Time Machine DeLorean, K.I.T.T, Ecto 1, General Lee, and blues mobile) I would appreciate if you add these ideas into the game and if you can’t I’m fine with it and I just want to say keep up the good work

Idk what to put here

THIS IS A FREAKING AMAZING GAME!!!! Seriously though I got this game a couple weeks ago and I'm addicted! I play it on my way to school, in class, and when ever I have spare time! But there is a lot of room for improvement, first a lot of people have said this but different game modes. I think a pvp mode would be really fun. Also I think you should be able to customize your cars a little bit more thank just your tires. But like I said before. THIS IS A FREAKING AMAZING GAME!!!


It’s annoying when I work up to a high multiplier with a lot of points the time runs out before it is banked. I really wish the points would collect

Made well

Made very well I just don’t like it wish I had my $2 back

Great game and found two bugs/glitches

It’s a really great game I’ve gotten used to the controls I've almost got all the cars plus the secret ones I found it frustrating at first but gotten used to it to me it’s kinda addicting to play doing flips and barrel rolls speaking of barrel rolls it’s a little hard to do one I’ve found it very fun my brother also enjoys it too I can’t wait to see the more stuff you guys are going to add in the future! I found a couple bugs with the game that might only be my game the first one is in the first map the rail next to the loop when you launch off the ramp and ride on the rail it sends my car flying to the left my car goes flying literally and not just that rail but the some of the other ones too but mainly the one next to the loop the second bug I found was some times when I reset my car in practice or challenge mode it glitches the title screen and start screen when you first get in are mashes together some times for some reason crashes my game might be my phone so idk I know this was a long review mainly for the bugs I found and this is probably only happening to me but if not please fix this thank you for reading this I do really enjoy this game sorry that this review is so long too. Question: will you add a multiplayer mode? maybe like a race mode going against friends or world wide or a multiplayer challenge mode where the person with the most points scored doing tricks wins and gains some points this could be also up to like a team or free for all. idk it’s your game and I do respect the options you can give us now and excited for future updates! P.s. can you make it easier to hit the ball into the goal I keep hitting the platform on top yea. Very important Question: will you add a car based off the DeLorean I know there is a hover board I think referencing it but will you?

Possible AI update?

I would love to see a mode where you compete against AI to get the most points in an arena or even a “Derby mode” where you try to Rek and not get REKT! Besides the possible additions I do love the game and the play style. There just needs to be a few more modes and this game is perfect!

Great game but...

The achievements to not display in this new update. Also the sleigh is shown as not unlocked but the achievement does not display. I would like to see how to unlock cars specifically, rather than guess what to do, especially now that the achievements do not display. Please update to show individual achievements such as finding the chicken, score a goal, and so on... thanks

No iCloud supported?

I was expecting to be able to seamlessly synced across my progress perfectly on my Apple TV from iPad and iPhone just like that game inside did

"That was amazing!"

Fun arcade stunt car game! Drive your car around and link as many crazy tricks together as you can to complete missions for coins and rack up a high score. Spend those coins on new cars & wheels and wash/rinse/repeat... Reminds me a lot of True Skate, but with more ic a Rocket League feel to it (rumor is that there is a ball in the arena somewhere...) The developer has already released one update which fixed screen rotation and added new cars, I am looking forward to more!

Love it

This game has great potential and i just wanted to know if it will be on pc

Great game, but one suggestion: Multiplayer

This game is great, I’ve had it for only a day and I am already addicted but I feel like something that would make it even more amazing would be if you could add people and invite them to your game to play together to have a funner experience. Great game!

Great fun!

Hmm, where to start... REKT is a great game. The gameplay is quite enjoyable, the physics are great, and the graphics are very nice. Got it on sale, and it's well worth the two bucks. I also don't see what all the fuss about the controls is, I find them to be quite good. Now, I only gave it four stars because I feel there's room for improvement. First of all, I think some more game modes would be beneficial. Especially a multiplayer game mode, perhaps where you go head to head with another player, trying to get the highest score. (You could even add power ups/weapons that you could use against your opponent to get them REKT.) Also, more ways to customize your cars would be great. Different paint jobs especially. Overall, I love the game, and highly recommend it.

Great game but

Love the game overall but there is this glitch where I jump then I keep going up please fix

This game is good but the name is cringe.

It is really cringe "REKT" is an awesome game but the name ruins it I see why it is four and up. Seriously great game I suggest you get it!

You should add this in

You should add Racing mode because this game is in the best “racing game” on the appstore. so can u do it plz because i got this game on birthday party just to find out it not a racing game i just want a racing game that you can race i with cpu (if you have no wifi ) and race with other players. Note : I know you don’t have to add in multiplayer because that will cost a lot

Question, Ho Ho Ho makes no sense for a hint

The developers respond to reviews and they are working hard for a new stage, I figured out how to get the rocket and UFO ( Adamshi ) the UFO is just a car slightly above ground with invisible wheels ( at least the programming ) can you make a car with a special ability ( yes I know you are making more cars by the minute. THANK YOU FOR THIS GAME it's amazing Edit: it's impossible to knock down the REKT in the bowl you can't get up onto the sides Edit: OMG hidden room :3 it's like Mario

Hard but fun

I’ve hade a lot of fun playing. I have all the cars except the hover board and the alien one. I’ve tried really hard and every possible way, but I still haven’t got plz help.


This game is great and I really like it but I would love it if you could put in multiplayer and friends

Devs Please Read (:

Devs... GOOD F***ING JOB!!! You guys made a great game. Though I have a few suggestions after reading the credits. Number one: when I have piled up about eleven tricks and the entire arena is grey and green, it is devastating to realize that the slightly glitchy physics that I by the way have absolutely no control over, has just rekt me. I'm suggesting that when you get rekt don't just throw away all my points, bank half of them and toss the rest. Number two: add a mode where the objective is to get rekt in the coolest way possible, and just add more modes in general. Number three: turn practice mode into free mode and add some way to get coins and possibly a reward for getting high scores in that mode. Number four: add an internal or external leveling system so that you can get extra rewards for leveling up. Number five: I was going all out on the bottom ramps and murdered the score needed to get both the land robber and the bug but I only got the land robber, I think I almost cried, make it so that you get both cars in the future. Number six: make it so that the game remembers the tricks that I do often so that it doesn't tell me to do a barrel roll when I don't know how to do a barrel roll, add tutorials for those more advanced tricks. Though I may think of more suggestions, that's all I have now. Keep it up devs! :)

Fricken awesome

I love this game! I've unlocked ALL cars except the hoverboard!!! PLEASE give a hint on how to get that!! The point is it's an awesome game and all y'all need to get it.

most addictive game ever

I absolutely LOVE this game it is so addicting and i have spent hours playing, i could not ask for anything more in a game but i am having way to much trouble finding vehicles like the adamski maybe a couple hints would help but other than that it’s super fun


Great game to pass by the time. LOVE THE NEW UPDATE!! THANK YOU!!! And , just a suggestion, a VR mode! See from the front seat! Please keep more updates coming!😺

Great Game

I really like this game. You can’t go wrong with it. Playing it is a lot of fun. Get REKT !

Good but...

Fun game but can there be a free mode where you can just drive around and do whatever you want besides being timed. If they add a free mode then I will give 5 stars, recommend you buy this game, developers listen to the reviews and support there game

Awesome game!

The controls definitely have a learning curve. Once you get a hang of them it is definitely easy to score +1,000,000 points! I have recently unlocked all vehicles (including the adamski 👽) and will be looking forward for future maps and challenges! Unrelated kink I have noticed, the master challenge of reaching 40m seems unachievable. I have tried all ramps including the top one, but always max out at like 88% Edit: Impressive developer response! You don't see that nearly as much in apps tosay


I would really like a refund because I find the game boring, hard ,and stressful. The moment you get a high multiplier you mess up and you lose ALL of it making it annoying to play. I would appreciate a refund, Thank you.

I got rekt

I got rekt

Great game so much fun

One of the funniest games I played as a kid was San Francisco Rush 2049 on the N64. This is that for mobile. Driving around doing stunts is awesome fun and brings back great memories. All we need are some actual race tracks to make this truly perfect for my on the go gaming fun and nostalgia. Awesome job devs. Keep it up.

Good game

I have had lots of fun playing this game. But the controls could use some help and the space ship is impossible to get. I JUST WANT THE SPACE SHIP!!!

Amazing Game.

I Have all of the cars except for the Rocket and the Amadashi (can’t find out how to get them). Well worth the money and gets addicting very fast. So pumped for the next update! Great job developers.

Fun game

Game is great and fun in both short bursts and long sessions. Rating goes up to 5 stars if you can explain one thing: what on Earth is a "combo looping" and how do you do it?!


I found this game somewhat fun until they made the “UFO” and “The Rocket”. These car are practically impossible to get they’re some of the stupidest Easter eggs I’ve ever seen. Even if you look up a tutorial on YouTube no videos come up because a) The game is not popular, and b) The game cost money. At no time again will I ever spend money on an IPhone game made by these developers. I think you should look at other options like “Sup” another car racing game, FOR FREE.

Great game but...

Maybe have a mode where you can make your own track and play others ,and also have a non timed mode like a free roam

Adrian’s review

The game is awesome ! It would be better if it was like multiplayer, and more maps, the cars are dope too. I’m just really tired of playing the same map, it would’ve been really cool if we can upgrade our car.

Amazing Game!!!!

This game is very addicting and a time killer finally unlocked all the cars. Still working on the rims I give it 5 stars can’t wait for the new map updates and new cars coming keep up the great work.

Hey that’s pretty good.

Yeah I like this game it’s a fun random wacky game! Keep up the good work!

Like Rush 2049’s stunt arena!

If you loved the stunt arena in San Francisco Rush 2049, you’ll love this too. Slight learning curve on the controls, but otherwise great fun! Keep up the good work!

Add more customization

I love the game, the physics the gameplay and the credits system are all fair and well balanced, but I think that we should be able to change more things about the cars, other than the wheels, maybe you could add liveries, paints, or even adjust the suspension to change the camber or stiffness/bouncyness (really bouncy suspension would be cool 😎. I hope this get read and you consider come of these ideas. Great game👍👍👍👍👍

Enjoyed but maybe not worth the money

Basically you just end up trying to rack up the highest point multiplier you can before you run out of time, so it can very frustrating when it says REKT when u land a trick that should have been counted as a successful trick or some other bs thing happens - then you end up with zero points. Haha it also fails to recognize some tricks for instance - doing a barrel roll and having it ignored by the game. Also controls could be improved. Seems like devs are working hard tho! Wouldn't recommend yet but not a bad purchase

4 out of 5

Must say this game has got me addicted. I’m so close to last car. I find my self trying to play one handed while feeding my daughter. Must say very smooth game. The cars are all sweet. And I must say they have so much room to add cars or make dlc cars. So if ur addicted like me to the old school MX vs ATV trick rally’s then u will love this game. And the controls will come with time. It’s as good as they can get it so be patient. I went from getting only 53,000 a game to 1,000,000 easy every round now. However; I have a few questions tho about some content in the game. As far as cars u can’t unlock via score, but with achievements, how do u go about figuring out those said achievements. For example score a goal? Ina trick game? Lol how.


After hearing that the next update will include more maps and a new game mode, I raised this game to 4 stars. This game is fun and creative, and the new game mode plus maps would definitely make it better. I still think it’s a tad overpriced, but I do like how the developers actually responded to my first review (first time that actually happened)... I recommend this game to people with money to spare and something like a long flight or road trip ahead of them... Seriously though, props to the developer response

Good not great

How do you unlock the last two cars?

It’s Worth It

This games pretty fun. I like it a lot. I only gave it three stars because there’s not too much content, but I know you’ll add more (hopefully). There’s a few suggestions I have when you DO update it though. Maybe a freestyle or practice mode would be super cool. Then you could do cool tricks under no pressure. Another cool thing you could add is different maps. Some optional things you could add are customizable cars, or new tricks. You’re probably going to add most of this stuff, but just in case, I made this review for you. Anyways thanks for reading!!

Feel the Rush?

This game is very reminiscent of the freestyle segments in Rush 2049 on N64. It’s fun and strangely addictive; I just wish there were more tracks. Overall, great effort!

Amazing game

I usually don’t write reviews on games but this game is amazing the controls are great and everything is smooth and super addictive

Very fun! But one problem...

I have enjoyed this game very much for the time I’ve had it. I have about 75% of the cars, but I cannot figure out how to get The Rocket or the Adamski!!!! I have tried looking it up, testing out different jumps and tried finding secrets, but I just can’t find where it is or how to get it! If you could please hint or tell me how to get it that would be much appreciated.

Boring and bad controls

Got this to kill time, I thought it would be similar to Jet Car Stunts or Rocket League. There’s not much to do and the objectives are plain and difficult to accomplish due to bad controls and car control. Waste of $2

Not worth your money

This game is not worth your money it should be free , it gets old very quickly. Needs multiple maps and maybe a racing gamemode.

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